Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Kool Breeze Scarf

One benefit to having some extra time to kill before spin class about a month ago is that I came across a really cool (literally) scarf.  It looks kind of like a rolled up bandanna but it actually has some kind of absorbent gel inside.  This scarf came in real handy on Sat when I decided to do my 10 Mile long run outside.  Your supposed to soak this in water for about 5 minutes prior to using it and then pat the outside dry with a towel.  I usually just run this under the faucet for a couple minutes and lightly dry it.

I wear the scarf tied around my head like a bandanna and not only did this scarf keep me cooler but it also helped keep the sweat off of my face for the entire length of the run.  These scarfs are available at Walmart for about $4 and are reusable for hundreds of times.  Eventually the gel is supposed to disintegrate which will limit its cooling abilities but so far it seems like the life span of one scarf is likely to be several months at least.  I plan on wearing the scarf in a couple weeks for my half marathon run and look forward to a nice cool run with it.

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