Friday, November 4, 2011

BodyBugg Weight Management Solution Review

Hello everyone its me again.  So here it is what you have all been waiting so long for.  The review of my BodyBugg Weight Loss Management System and a few barbs at Justin Beiber and his funny hair-do.

I have been wearing my BodyBugg for the past several weeks now and have a fairly good idea now of where it excels and where it fails.  The system is fairly accurate at gauging calorie burn however it would be nice if it would also monitor heart rate and possibly blood pressure.

Comfort:  I think the BodyBugg is very comfortable.  I usually dont even notice it once its strapped to my arm and I put a shirt on.  Initially there was some irritation which I think was due to wearing it to tightly.  Once I loosened it up slightly that seems to have vanished.  They recommend you leave the bugg off body for about an hour each day however I have been fine with less time.  I recommend not undoing and redoing the velcro constantly as the velcro doesnt seem to be real high quality and seems like it will wear out quickly if you do that.

Charging:  My BodyBugg generally holds its charge really well.  I have not synced most of the week and it still has plenty of charge to carry me into the weekend.  It seems like the battery for such a small device is impressively long.  It took a couple hours to recharge and if you plug it in to sync daily you likely will never deplete the battery significantly.

Website:  The website seems to be fairly user friendly but I do have a couple issues with it.  The food list is relatively extensive however it would be nice if more fast food chains menus were included.  There seems to be only a handful of menu items from each restaurant currently pre-entered.  I also wish it would stop switching between the food log and body measurements after you update your body measurements.  Otherwise it is very easy to add new food items and create menus on your own.  Syncing the body bugg couldnt be much easier though it would be nice if it was supported by more than just Internet Explorer for doing the sync.

Overall I am very impressed with this little gadget.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty in loosing weight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gas Coupon Sheet

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share with you a great deal.  Most Super America and Holiday gas stations accept competitor coupons.  Super America also doubles all coupons on Tuesdays with some restrictions.  This link is to a coupon Sheet that I make and print to keep in the car.  These coupons are valid till 12/5/11.  I Plan on posting an updated sheet each before this sheet expires.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

BodyBugg Weight management solution

I am currently testing out the BodyBugg weight management system as seen on The Biggest Loser.  I will be offering up a review of this weight-loss product soon so stay tuned.


Welcome to my VIVOBAREFOOT Neo review.  This review has been a long time in the making after doing extensive testing over several months. With both everyday wear as well as running on grass, dirt, pavement, and the treadmill I feel I have a firm grasp of what these shoes are all about.  I don't think that many famous celebrities like Justin Bieber (The Bieb), or Steve Jobs would write a review for this wonderful company so I have taken it upon myself to do so.

As an update to this review I can now post on longevity of the shoe.  After wearing these as my go-to shoe since I got them I have developed a hole in the sole of the shoe on 2015-08-21.  That places these shoes at about 4 years old as the shoes were ordered 2011-08-05.  I feel that I have gotten a bargain on the shoes for that long of a life.  And my only regret is that they are no longer making this particular shoe so I will have to pick a different one to replace them.


Let me start with a little more information about the company behind VivoBarefoot Terra Plana.  This company has a wonderful eco-friendly mission to use recycled locally sourced materials to make all of their shoes.  My shoes were even shipped eco-friendly using carbon credits.  Additional details about Terra Plana's eco policy are available on their website.  Well, I suppose we should probably move along to what you have all been waiting for Justin Bieber.  No, you haven't been waiting for that?  Ok heres the review after the break.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vivobarefoot Neo's Review

I received my new Vivobarefoot Neo's a couple weeks ago and have been testing them out since.  I will be posting a detailed review once I have completed some additional testing.  My initial opinion of them is that they are a great shoe for trail running but not as good on the roads due to reduced feetback.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why the Warrior Diet?

I like the Warrior Diet extremely well.  I have tried a number of other diets in the past.  Everything that I have tried was well thought out by some nutritionist somewhere.  Most of the diets I have tried have you eating every couple hours which is not always feasible.  Every one of these diets has had the end result of me gaining weight.

Fortunately I was introduced to the Warrior diet which is essentially the Paleo diet with a couple modifications.  The key tenants of the diet are fast and feast.  I eat little to no food for much of the day except for a short feasting period during which I can eat as much as I need.  I generally will eat once or twice during the feast period.  The idea behind eating 1 large meal usually in the evenings is because for thousands of years our ancestors would have needed to go out and run down and kill our food before the tribe could eat a meal.  Many times this would take several hours to track and exhaust dinner hence why we would be more adapted to eating 1 meal late in the day. The remainder of my diet is essentially the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet is based around the idea that for tens of thousands of years we only had certain foods to eat from.  It wasn't until very recent history that we were able to domesticate grains, grind them into flour, and make breads and such with that.  Similarly dairy products were very difficult to come by.  Instead back in the day our ancestors would have survived on a diet made up mostly of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and nuts.

This diet has had a number of effects on my life in the short time that I have been on it so far.  My acne has almost entirely cleared up.  I used to get terrible acne year round that I would pick at till they were scratched open and bleeding.  I have lost several pounds of weight including some noticeable fat loss from various parts of my body.  I have more energy and can tell that my body is able to make better use of the energy that I have been taking in.  By exercising before my feasting window my body is able to burn fat rather than the carbs that I am eating which results in even more fat loss more rapidly.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to get rid of that funky minimalist shoe smell

If you or a friend have experience running in minimalist shoes chances are you may have noticed one of the downsides to running without socks.  When you wear socks you can wash the socks after 1-2 days of use.  When you run in minimalist shoes however it is far more difficult to drop the shoes in the wash as chances are they are being worn daily.  Some people have solved this problem by acquiring dozens of pairs of free shoes like my friend Saypay.  Others who are less fortunate have found other tricks to getting our minimalist shoes to have that new shoe smell.

I originally started putting my shoes in the washing machine once then twice a week as the summer heat moved in.  This worked for a while till my nice Vibram KSO's started to show serious aging from frequent washings.

The next idea I tried was a spray can of foot deodorizing powder.  That lasted less than one day before it was all bunched up in my toes and gross feeling.

My final try and most successful option thus far has been this miracle product called OdoBan.  All I do is take the spray bottle and saturate the insides of the shoes with the OdoBan spray.  I then leave the shoes sit for 10-15 minutes which according to the product labeling will kill not only the HIV virus but also most variants of virii and fungus that may have taken up residence and is likely what is causing your shoe odors.  Once the time is up simply rinse the shoe out with warm tap water in the sink.  I usually also agitate by hand the insides of the shoe to make sure any debris that may be there is loosened up and removed in the rinsing.  Once that is done I drain and set the shoes in front of a fan to air dry which usually takes 6-8 hours depending on ambient temperature and humidity levels.

This last trick has left my minimalist shoes smelling cleaner than new for a week at a time which is an even better result than just dropping them in the wash.  It has also save my shoes from further deterioration which for a $80 pair of shoes is a much appreciated savings.

If anyone else has any other tricks for keeping their minimalist shoes clean and odor free please share your secrets.