Friday, November 4, 2011

BodyBugg Weight Management Solution Review

Hello everyone its me again.  So here it is what you have all been waiting so long for.  The review of my BodyBugg Weight Loss Management System and a few barbs at Justin Beiber and his funny hair-do.

I have been wearing my BodyBugg for the past several weeks now and have a fairly good idea now of where it excels and where it fails.  The system is fairly accurate at gauging calorie burn however it would be nice if it would also monitor heart rate and possibly blood pressure.

Comfort:  I think the BodyBugg is very comfortable.  I usually dont even notice it once its strapped to my arm and I put a shirt on.  Initially there was some irritation which I think was due to wearing it to tightly.  Once I loosened it up slightly that seems to have vanished.  They recommend you leave the bugg off body for about an hour each day however I have been fine with less time.  I recommend not undoing and redoing the velcro constantly as the velcro doesnt seem to be real high quality and seems like it will wear out quickly if you do that.

Charging:  My BodyBugg generally holds its charge really well.  I have not synced most of the week and it still has plenty of charge to carry me into the weekend.  It seems like the battery for such a small device is impressively long.  It took a couple hours to recharge and if you plug it in to sync daily you likely will never deplete the battery significantly.

Website:  The website seems to be fairly user friendly but I do have a couple issues with it.  The food list is relatively extensive however it would be nice if more fast food chains menus were included.  There seems to be only a handful of menu items from each restaurant currently pre-entered.  I also wish it would stop switching between the food log and body measurements after you update your body measurements.  Otherwise it is very easy to add new food items and create menus on your own.  Syncing the body bugg couldnt be much easier though it would be nice if it was supported by more than just Internet Explorer for doing the sync.

Overall I am very impressed with this little gadget.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty in loosing weight.


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